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 Welcome to the world of Preva! A world that is being fought over by powerful deities who use the lives of mortals as foot soldiers in their conflicts. Its lands are filled with ancient ruins, powerful kingdoms, and hidden secrets waiting to be uncovered.

 As you step into this world, starting with the region of Southern Dramor, you will find yourself surrounded by many species trying to live next to each other despite a history filled with conflict. Explore the vast expanse of Southern Dramor, from the icy mountains of the South to the arid desert of the North with the dominating Giants' Belt mountains. Each region offers its own unique challenges and opportunities.

 In the aftermath of the Fuzang-Shian invasion of the continent, it is currently a time of peace. However, at any moment, chaos could return as there are forces at work in the region to disrupt the power of the Fuzang-Shian. Whether you choose to work to maintain the peace, restore power to the ruling families of the FioAos, MkhasPa, Rumaa and the other species native to Southern Dramor, or to create new organizations under your own leadership, the choice is yours!

 So come, future hero or villians, and immerse yourself in my world of Preva. Whether you are an experienced player or new to the world of tabletop, I am excited to play along with you and help you have fun. Adventure awaits!