Fuzang-Zhian are a species of dragon-humanoids who are the rulers of Xin Dafang and Southern Dramor. The Fuzang-Zhian led their empire from Xin Dafang, their homeland, across the ocean, to Dramor, on a holy conquest from their god, Zuanshi. Now the rulers of the southern part of Dramor, the Fuzang-Zhian can be found in all of the duchies in the region but are most predominantly in the central region of Southern Dramor, which they have direct control over, and in the religious region of Rahan.

  Standing on average over 6 feet tall, they rank among the tallest species in Southern Dramor. Their scale covered bodies, clawed hands and feet, and dragon like faces make clear their heritage as the creation of dragons. The Fuzang-Zhian were created as weapons which is apparent in their physical traits and overall appearance. Their faces are sharp and pointed like arrowheads and their bodies are lean and covered in armor-like scales, male and female having the same war-forged frames. Their forearms and hands are like armored gauntlets with the scales on their fingers being so sharp that their hands can be used as weapons.

  While most Fuzang-Zhian have tails, wings are uncommon. Fuzang-Zhian also have horns which vary in amount, size, and shape and can be useful for non-Fuzang-Zhian in identifying one Fuzang-Zhian from another. As male and female Fuzang-Zhian have very similar body structures, it can be difficult to tell them apart except for by their horns. In general, male Fuzang-Zhian have sharp, angular horns while the horns of females curve and twist. Fuzang-Zhian are covered in scales that are typically bright colors such as reds, greens, and blues.


  The Fuzang-Zhian are one of the oldest races on their continent and have never been subservient to another race. Due to this fact, they have a long rich culture dating back as far as anyone can remember and have had a large influence on the philosophy, etiquette, art, morals, governments and more of their continent.They are unique in how unified they are as a species and how focused they are on accomplishing goals for their species.


  A significant family among the Fuzang-Zhian, the Litha family, was granted a major prophesy and mission, to take a coalition of their clan, along with some other species, on a conquest to another land to prevent a major calamity there. They were told to send five of their sons to lead this conquest and granted each of them access to the sacred armory to take a weapon. Once they arrived in the new land they were to take over all the land and bring all the species of that land into a new Fuzang-Zhian empire. Instead, in their pride, the Lithas sent all ten of their sons to the sacred armory and subsequently to war over the new land. By the end of the fighting in the southern area of the new land, only five of the sons survived. The bodies and the weapons of the lost brothers where never found.

  After conquering the five kingdoms, they built a large mountain that was styled after the mountains of their home land. Around the mountains, the clans have formed small suburbs which are mostly segmented by clan but cross-clan meetings do occur in central locations in the mountains.

  Fuzang-Zhian can be found all across Xin Dafang, their home land, and now are geographically spread over all of Southern Dramor and hold many and various positions of power in those areas. While most duchies each have their own leadership structures, Fuzang-Zhian still find places of power within their structures. The central duchy of Southern Dramor, however, is ruled directly by Fuzang-Zhian, specifically by the Litha King. They also travel around as part of guards or with traveling merchants. The recent Old King Litha passed away suddenly without a prince named as successor and the Grand Dutchess, the only person who would have known who the Old King planned to succeed him, has disappeared. This has left the Fuzang-Zhian in a moment of crisis with no clear hierarchy and struggling, for the first time, without a clear leader.