Mkhas Pa


  The Mkhas Pa (Micus-pah) are a mammalian species native to the mountain regions of Southern Dramor. They typically stand at 5-6 feet tall but often walk on all fours giving them a shorter hunched appearance. They are natural climbers and thrive in their mountainous habitat, with dexterous hands instead of feet, long arms, and strong legs. Their bodies are covered in a soft, thick fur in shades of grey, white, and black. Although they may resemble the great apes of the lowland forest, their wisdom, intelligence, and communication abilities set them apart.

  The Mkhas Pa are always in pursuit of knowledge, constantly searching for answers or meditating on ideas. This pursuit is an integral part of their being.


  The Mkhas Pa spend their lives in a variety of ways. They inhabit the villages at the base of the sacred mountains they will ascend, and the villages welcome everyone as they pass by. The Mkhas Pa are a friendly species, observing, watching, and learning from other species while working on their questions.

  Another part of the Mkhas Pa's life is spent on a pilgrimage, traveling throughout Southern Dramor to find answers to their questions. They attempt to experience things firsthand, observe others' experiences, and research histories and texts that are not found in the great libraries in their villages.

  The final part of a Mkhas Pa's life is spent on an ascent. Once they feel that they have gathered sufficient information from their pilgrimage, they return to a foothill village, gather supplies, and then make their ascent. During their ascent, they meditate on the different views of the mountain and different spiritual locations, reflecting on all their experiences and information gathered on their pilgrimage. They wrestle with their question and try to find an answer for it. Ascents take many months and, in some cases, years as the Mkhas Pa thinks. Upon reaching the peak of the mountain, they arrive at one of the temples built to house those on ascent. They meet other Mkhas Pa and, when a quorum has been reached, each Mkhas Pa will speak in turn on their question and answer. They will be challenged by the others, and ultimately, the Mkhas Pa will decide if they need to work more on their answer or if they are ready to contemplate another question.


  The Mkhas Pa were initially interested in the arrival of the Fuzang-Zhian, a new species on the continent meant new experiences and information. However, their interest stopped when they saw how the Fuzang-Zhian treated the inhabitants and land of Southern Dramor. Ultimately, most Mkhas Pa joined the resistance, while some, to answer their own questions, joined the Fuzang-Zhian instead. The Mkhas Pa were one of the loudest voices for peace and ultimately a major voice for the surrender of the native species and their requests from the Fuzang-Zhian at the end of the war.